Our borders are opening and we are dancing!

Borders are slowly opening!

The 01st of October saw the commencement of the gradual reopening of South Africa's borders. Borders are now open between South Africa and select 'low risk Covid-19' countries. We are delighted with this positive move although many countries are still considered high risk and as such, borders with these countries remain closed for now. The South African Government will update the list of allowed borders every two weeks as more and more countries recover and will be allowed to once again travel to beautiful South Africa. Please monitor official websites for updates or contact us if you are unsure. 


We are dancing!

The Cape Town Tour Guide Co. team along with Capital Assignments and several young people from Hout Bay in Cape Town took to Signal Hill and Clifton Beach to take on the #Jerusalema Dance Challenge. 

We danced not only to celebrate Heritage Day in South Africa, but also to celebrate the opening of our borders, the resilient spirit of South Africans and simply to show off some of our zest for life and the beauty that surrounds us in abundance. Please enjoy the video. 


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