Cape Town Virtual Tours - Join us on one of our virtual tour options.

Join Clive De Bruyne, founder of The Cape Town Tour Guide Co, on a private virtual tour of Cape Town or the Cape Peninsula or the Cape Winelands or an area of interest to you.

Why join a virtual tour?

  • Spend 40-60 minutes on a video call with your professional guide. 
  • Learn about Cape Town and the surrounding area. 
  • Rich imagery and useful information.
  • Besides educational, the virtual tour can be key in planning your actual future tour.  
  • Cost of the virtual tour will be deducted from the cost of your actual tour when you book with us.
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Virtual Tours in Cape Town
Cape Town City Virtual Tour with Clive De Bruyne, founder and owner of The Cape Town Tour Guide Co.

How does it work?

  • We take you on a virtual journey enriched with images and discussion. 
  • This is a private virtual tour, so you will engage with your private guide and ask questions along the way.
  • Virtual tours are between 40 and 60 minutes long. 
  • In addition, we can provide advise on where to stay, how to keep safe and how to maximize your time when you do eventually visit us in person. 
  • This is an independent offering and there is no obligation on you to contract with us for future travel services, but if you do, we will happily refund you for your virtual tour. 

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